MES was founded in 2002 by the late Mathew DiNapoli. Mat’s vision for MES was crafted and created through his  years of experience working for several petroleum services companies in the Long Island area. Mat fully understood that success in this industry, like many others, was determined not only by the strong relationships forged with clients, but by evidencing your worth through hard work, dedication, and commitment to your craft.

As a child Mat was diagnosed with Crohns and Colitis disease. However, never allowing the illnesses to overtake his life, Mat started his own company; Metro Environmental Services. Metro was his dream. He nurtured and shaped the company to its success prior to his passing. The petroleum industry was his passion. He loved nothing more than personally performing at his role in the trenches despite bitter cold or scolding heat.  He was always on the front lines. He would be proud to know that the Company he brought to fruition is still thriving.  Of course, Mat’s absence is missed by his team but the groundwork Mat laid is something those who loved and respected him will carry onward in their daily work for Metro.