Meet the MES Estimating Team and Learn More About the Role They Play

 In About MES

The estimating team works primarily on pump and tank construction and environmental projects. They also handle a variety of other services including fuel facility maintenance programs, tank testing programs, and miscellaneous compliance repairs.


The Estimating Team is headed by Shawn, who also runs our Service Team which includes Testing, Maintenance, and Sampling. He oversees our overall bidding activity and serves as a sales point of contact for both public and private clients.


Sam, our senior estimator, focuses on the larger, more complex estimates, particularly municipal and public bids. His time is 100% dedicated to estimating, establishing, and maintaining relationships with vendors, suppliers, and subcontractors.


Marshia works within both our Estimating and Service Teams. She supports service by overseeing the function of our work/cost tracking program, Service Management (SM). For estimating she prepares complex bid submittal packages, solicits pricing from vendors/subcontractors, and works to have MES approved as a vendor by both private and public clients. Marshia is also currently transitioning into a new role as a junior estimator.


Dominick, the newest member of our team, mainly focuses on monitoring and tracking all of our public bid opportunities. MES receives anywhere from 50 to 100 public bid opportunities per day. Each has to be reviewed to determine if it is a right fit for our company. Dominick may also be tasked with soliciting pricing from subcontractors along with Marshia.

The Process

Our estimate process begins when a project manager or salesperson sends a Request for Estimate (RFE) to the Estimating Team. Shawn then reviews and evaluates the specific requirements of the RFE to determine the best next steps. MES has a strong understanding of the industry and the estimating process which helps us save time and money – savings we can then pass on to our customers. The process can sometimes be long and intense but the Estimating Team operates like a well-oiled machine in order to maneuver through the complexity of the process.

The Estimating Team credits their success to their efficiency, hard work, and strong relationships with the very best vendors. They are consistently growing their market knowledge by recording and evaluating wins/losses on submitted estimates. Because of their experience, they’re able to keep the deals coming and ultimately know how to close them!

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